We were both born & raised in Durban, South Africa, and we now live in Charlotte, North Carolina. It's been an adventure and we're loving every minute of it.
We started Maya Bay Mixers when we got to America because of a need that our family had. We wanted a fun, tasty drink mixer that we could all drink together as a family. It needed to be responsibly healthy & made with real ingredients. We use mixers as an alternative to  heavily sugared drinks. We want flavor & taste, but we don't want tons of sugar.
Mixers are so versatile. You can use them to make Cocktails or Mocktails. You can adjust the amount added to suit your own taste preferences. You can add garnish & dress them up for a fancy drink when friends are visiting, or you can just make a quick soft drink when you're thirsty. 

Happy Mixing!!

Debi & Terence Kidd 


Our aim is to be 100% proud of everything we make. If we feel completely comfortable giving one of our drinks to the kids, then we know we've hit the mark. It starts with the ingredients we use and where we source them from. Our mixers are made with real fruit juice, natural flavors & botanicals, no artificial sweeteners, and no colorants. We use organic cane sugar and natural stevia to sweeten our drinks. We feel that this is the most responsible route to developing a drink that is naturally sweetened, but yet isn't overloaded with added sugar. We source all our ingredients locally in the United States and make all our flavors in small batches in Charlotte, North Carolina. 


Because the story is so meaningful to us...
This beautiful beach in Thailand is so remote that it can only be accessed by boat. This beach was once untouched by people. The coral reefs and marine life were thriving and beautiful. That all changed in the year 2000 when the movie "The Beach" was filmed on the island, and Maya Bay became a popular tourist destination. Thousands of people would flock to Maya Bay on a daily basis in their speedboats. The environment and eco-system was so badly damaged by all the tourism that the Thailand government eventually banned all travel to Maya Bay in an effort to revive the beach and the ocean life. Maya Bay has been closed to tourism since June 2018 and remains closed indefinitely. Only now are there signs of marine life returning to the bay (2021).
The story of Maya Bay is close to our hearts because we believe that our planet is precious and that we need to do a better job to protect it. We need millions of people to make small changes to their lives in order to reverse the damage that has already been done. It's about being aware of the impact we have on our environment before it's too late.
By making mixers we are playing our part in eliminating tons of single use packaging that pollutes our oceans and endangers ocean animals. This is just the start. We hope to get involved in many other environmental causes as our brand grows.