"Striving for a balanced life" 

We had so many conflicting emotions about what to drink before we created Maya Bay Craft Soda. We strive to live a healthy life, but we're also human and like to drink something tasty and refreshing without always feeling guilty about it.

Drinking traditional soda tastes great, but they have enough added sugar in them to sink a small floating vessel. There are diet sodas, but they have harmful artificial ingredients in them to replace the sugar. So which is better? 

We wanted a balance, and that balance is Maya Bay Craft Soda. Soda concentrate flavors handcrafted in Charlotte, North Carolina (Where we live). Made to reduce the amount of added sugar in your drinks by using natural sweeteners. Just add our flavors to your favorite bubbly water to craft your own Soda. They have up to 80% less added sugar than popular soda and between 45-60 calories per serving (flavor dependent).

If you're looking for a tasty drink without all the guilt, give Maya Bay Craft Soda flavors a try.
Click below to order. We can even send you a sample to try first.
Terence & Debi Kidd, Founders