Low in sugar & made with real ingredients


Say goodbye to boring non-alcoholic drinks. Our hand-crafted mixers can be added to any sparkling water for a flavorful, healthier drink option for the whole family.

We have crafted our mixers from real fruit juice, real botanicals and less sugar for a complex, vibrant taste. No colorants and no artificial sweeteners.

Created for achieving BALANCE!!


How do I mix Maya Bay?


Pour 1-2 ounces of Maya Bay over ice and top up with any sparkling water.

*You can adjust to suit your own preference.

What Ingredients are in Maya Bay?


We make all our mixers with real fruit juice, real botanicals, natural flavors, and only natural sweeteners (Cane Sugar, Stevia & Erythritol)

Do your mixers contain alcohol?


No. Our mixers are non-alcoholic. They can be added to your favorite alcohol if you wish.

Can my kids drink Maya Bay?


Yes. We made Maya Bay for the whole family. Our mixers are made with ony natural sweeteners & no colorants. *See product pages for full ingredient listings.