What is Maya Bay Craft Soda Mix? 

Our Craft Soda mix is a blended soda concentrate that you can dilute with any bubbly water to replace sugar loaded soda drinks. It's tasty, refreshing and comes with a lot less guilt. 

Do I mix Maya Bay Craft Soda myself?

Yes our Craft Soda is a concentrated blend. Just mix a shot (1.7 FL.OZ.) into Sparkling water. (Similar to pouring yourself a gin & tonic, just without the alcohol!!). Add your own garnish for some extra flavor. Adjust the amount to suit your desired taste preference. 

How many drinks can one bottle make? 

One bottle will make 10-15 glasses of soda. 

What ingredients are used to sweeten Maya Bay Craft Soda Mix?

We use a combination of Organic Cane sugar, Stevia leaf and Erythritol to sweeten our Soda mix. For more information about these ingredients see our "product info" page. 


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